About us

GROW Build

We are a local building and carpentry business based in Point Lonsdale, servicing the Bellarine Peninsula.

We have over a decade’s experience in a wide range of construction, from high quality architectural new builds to creative and practical renovations extensions and restorations.

We pride ourselves on completing affordable, quality builds with an emphasis on sustainable practices wherever possible. We aim to make your building experience enjoyable and stress free through clear communication, a flexible attitude and a great product.

GROW Design

We are not architects and we do not pretend to be. They have an essential role in the construction process. However, through our practical experience we have acquired knowledge that can help you achieve a more comfortable, sustainable and low maintenance home.

We are certified as a Green Living Builder and can advise you on how to make your home as efficient as possible within the given budget.

We have great relationships with local architects who share our passion and direction and who we recommend to our prospective clients depending on the style of their project.

We regularly work with them through the design process of our upcoming projects to fine tune the practicalities of certain design features and workshop the best way to achieve the goals for each project.

Engaging your builder at the start of the design stage is one of the best foundations you can lay for the success of your project.

The combination of the architect’s knowledge and detailing skill with the practical experience of a quality and experienced builder means nothing is overlooked, and all the best ideas are on the drawings, from the start!