“Building energy efficient homes with traditional craftsmanship quality across the Bellarine Peninsula, including Point Lonsdale, Queenscliff, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, Portarlington, St Leonards, and surrounds.“



Efficient, modern homes


Traditional quality craftsmanship


Enjoyable, exciting & personal building experience


Accessible & transparent pricing


Sustainability and environmental consideration


Exceptional customer service


Extensive experience in high-quality home construction

We strive to provide beautiful, efficient, quality homes at an accessible price because we believe everyone should be able to live in a comfortable, healthy home that is durable and will run efficiently to benefit them and the environment they live in.

We do this by constantly researching and site trialling new building materials and techniques to find the best balance point between efficiency and cost without sacrificing the ascetic.

With particular focus on management of temperature, airflow & condensation these are integrated with traditional quality craftsmanship and extensive high quality construction experience to provide the perfect combination of efficiency, comfort, durability and cost. We work with home owners and architects across the Bellarine Peninsula, mainly but not exclusively in Point Lonsdale, Queenscliff, Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads.

Our Services

New Homes

New Homes

There's nothing quite like a fresh start, clean slate, blank canvas. Complete control and no design restraints. Building new is a great experience with non of the unforeseen challenges of working with an old building. Having control of everything from the ground up gives us the ability to create an extremely efficient structure with no compromises.

Renovation Extension

Renovation Extension

When you've already got a structure that's worth keeping then a well thought out renovation/extension is a great option. As well as increasing the foot print to accommodate your needs, we can also remodel the interior lay out to better suit your lifestyle. While renovating there are also a lot of great options to upgrade the efficiency of the existing build to make it more comfortable, healthy and affordable to run.



Restoration projects come in all shapes and sizes. From internal only, where the main focus is often new service areas and upgrades to the insulation and sealing to increase the comfort and running cost. External only with a focus on re cladding, new windows and or roofing. And whole house restorations where both inside and out have seen their due by date but the original charm of the design is worth recreating in new materials and with modern building techniques.

Recent Home Constructions

Why Choose GROW?

We build with traditional quality techniques where they are still applicable and source the best materials to achieve a standard that we know from experience will result in a beautiful and long lasting product.


It’s our top priority to provide you with a stress free and enjoyable building experience through clear communication and a flexible attitude.


We look after our local environment by correctly managing our waste and site run off as well as favouring suppliers who also make an effort to be sustainable.


We support the local community by using local trades and supplies.

Service Areas


We are proud to be based in the heart of Point Lonsdale and have been building homes locally for many years.

​It’s a privilege to live and work in such a special place and we get the joy of regularly running into our previous clients and hearing how they are enjoying their new homes.


Ocean Grove has seen a huge increase in demand for residential developments in recent years which we have loved being a part of. This population demand has seen lots of multi dwelling developments taking place, and with the existing housing stock being newer than the neighbouring towns we are doing a lot more renovation extensions here then knock down rebuilds.


The historic town of Queenscliff has a lot of history and some beautiful old homes. When they are salvageable, restoration works often become part of our scope with new projects here.

Combining new with historical can certainly be tricky, but it’s very rewarding when done with care and traditional craftsmanship.

The Experience

The construction of a new home is and should always be very exciting and rewarding. Daunting and sometimes hard work maybe, but this doesn’t mean the process cant be enjoyable. Builders, tradesmen, construction, for some people these works don’t bring back the fondest of memories or feelings.

We are passionate about changing that!

We put a lot of effort into the communication and presentation of the construction details, timelines and costs to give you the best understanding possible of all aspects of your project.

We build homes because we love it. Creating beautiful structures is very satisfying work, but the biggest reward is hearing how happy our clients are living in the most comfortable and efficient home they have ever had.

Energy Efficient Homes

The innovative designs we have developed with local architects have achieved several benefits for both you and the environment we all live in.

With solar passive design, modern air sealing and insulating techniques along with new technology we can create an efficient low energy home which regulates temperature change, reduces condensation and mould, and is very comfortable to live in with no drafts or cold/hot spots.

By using less energy you’re able to reduce your impact on the environment and your wallet. Building an energy efficient home for your family will pay dividends for years. If you need a professional home builder in Point Lonsdale, Queenscliff or surrounding suburbs, or you’d like to learn more about our energy efficient homes, speak to us today.

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